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Con Dalagiorgos School of Music
Lockleys  South Australia 5032


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Mission Statement


To provide an opportunity for people of all ages to experience and learn music, to further develop their skill and enhance their knowledge which will enable them to become a active participant of the music industry.

Teach In Harmony


The School is supported by experienced qualified teachers and mentors using various learning styles & methods.  This ensures the best possible outcomes, allows students to enjoy their experience, achieve great results, reach their goals and dreams.

The Future Sounds Good


The school provides a well structured music program. It aims to offer

  • One on one tuition;

  • Interactive group learning programs;

  • On-line lessons;

  • On-line lesson via Skype;

  • A cultural program in world music;

  • Workshops with guest presenters

Founder’s Notes 


Music is a combination and mix of melody, rythym and expression. It is universally loved, understood and used by all. It offers a means in which one can express a state of mind, an expression, emotion and pleasure.  It has the ability to enhance ones character, self belief and confidence and forms an integral part of life. 

Come & join the Con Dalagiorgos School of Music, we'll take you on a journey & make it a way of life! 


  Con Dalagiorgos